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Langford Village Academy

Vision & Ethos

Mission Statement

Our Vision and Aims

‘Learning, Values and Achievement’ is our mission statement.

Learning We believe in a happy, stimulating and safe environment, with an exciting topic-based curriculum which enables children and adults to enjoy their learning.

Values We believe that every member of our school community should feel valued and we encourage everyone staff, children and parents- to value not only each other, but the school and the wider environment.

Achievement We believe that it is every child’s right to achieve to the best of their ability (and beyond!) and we provide both the challenge and the support to get them there.

As both an Eco-school and a Healthy School how we take care of our environment and understand what we put into our mouths (and how the two are linked) is a growing part of what we do! Our focus in recent years has been our school allotment and garden; we have grown our own vegetables and fruit and have won regional and national awards. The children are also encouraged to become involved with this through our gardening club. We are currently developing our school site as a Forest School and have two trained Forest School Leaders. We gain some of our energy through solar panels.

As a school we place a great deal of emphasis on the co-operation between home and school. We always encourage and welcome parents to help in school and to work alongside the staff in enabling the children to achieve their potential. Numerous events are arranged throughout the year for parents to attend both formally and informally.

Values Education

Our Values system is based on each child's right to respect, to learn and to belong to a safe school. Values are taught on a two year rolling programme (Living values) through assemblies, circle time, role models, etc. Pupils demonstrating a positive value are mentioned in our values assemblies. Their achievements are celebrated by having a value leaf (snowflake or flower – time of year dependent!) written out by their teacher and attached to our value tree in the hall. This is a poignant part of the hall and visible to all.

Please have a look at our Values poster.

The themes we cover are: