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Langford Village Academy

School Travel Initiatives

There are a number of solutions which have already been introduced to make travel to school for our children and their parents safer. Further solutions have also been highlighted, and they are not the most straightforward or desirable solutions, but rather are within the restrictions placed upon us by road user requirements and engineering recommendations.
Measures already in place:
  • Staff and children have high visibility tabards for use when crossing the roads.
  • Letters are sent to parents to remind them not to park in the car park. There are several notices. If need be, parents can park in the car park opposite the school.
  • We encourage “Park and Walk” for those who must travel part of the journey by car to a suitable location away from the school gate.  We already participate in events such as Walk to School Week and run competitions etc. Letters are sent to parents to remind them not to park in the car park. Most parents walk their children to school, those that drive are able to park in the car park opposite the school. ‘Park & Walk’ is promoted to children and parents during assemblies and parents evenings.
  • The County Road Safety Team supports the school by providing materials in terms of road safety training.  The children all take part in the Stepping Out Road safety scheme.
  • Improved pedestrian waiting area has been implemented to support parents walking to school.
  • A scooter parking area has been identified and implemented. This is located outside the kitchen by the main gate. No buggies will remain on site therefore a buggy park area will not be required. A dedicated waiting area has been provided within the school fence line to take buggies off the footpath.
  • We will continue to engage with Central Bedfordshire Council using resources such as the Junior Road Safety Officer pack.
  • We have signed up to the Modeshift STARS sustainable transport monitoring platform.
  • School to continue taking part in Walk to School Week, this is to be advertised on the school website and through word of mouth with teachers.
  • Continue to investigate the various benefits of walking to school with the pupils. These include health and fitness, increased knowledge of our local neighbourhood, raised awareness of travel problems and improved road safety skills, environmental benefits and saving money.
  • We have ensured that our staff are aware of the Liftshare scheme, cycling and walking routes, and public transport options. A link to the Liftshare scheme can be found at the following –
Developing measures to ensure safe and sustainable travel to Langford Village Academy:
  • We will commit to the annual school travel survey and will undertake a staff survey. 
  • We will begin the process of exploring Bikeability training.
  • We will establish a travel working group involving the school, parents, school council, governors and representatives of the local community.
  • Travel Information leaflets for parents are being developed including maps, public transport information and park and stride options. This will also be available on the school website. Central Bedfordshire Council will also receive this literature.
School Management and Policy
We are aware that we can do a great deal to influence the travel choices of pupils and staff by establishing this policy and amending it when necessary to influence procedures that will benefit pedestrians and transport users. The following link to Travel Choices from the Central Bedfordshire Council can help parents and staff to choose a more sustainable way to get to the school.