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Langford Village Academy


Mathematics consists of four main areas:

  • Number (properties, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions)
  • Measurement
  • Geometry (shape, position and direction)
  • Statistics

Our Mathematics Curriculum is planned using the Hamilton Trust Materials. Teachers then adapt this planning to suit the needs of the children in their class. We do sometimes stream at Key Stage One for certain areas of Maths so that we cater for the needs of all the children. Although Maths is taught discretely, children have many opportunities to apply their mathematical skills in their topic and computing work as well.

Teachers place an emphasis on daily counting at all ages and stages as well as regular teaching and practise of arithmetic skills. We place a big emphasis on children’s mathematical reasoning and problem solving and all children have an opportunity to apply their knowledge at least weekly. With regards to more able children, we believe that broadening and deepening their learning is more important than simply moving them up to the next year’s objectives. However, we do also recognise that to cater for the most gifted children we would move them up to the next year’s objectives if we felt that to be appropriate.