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Langford Village Academy


Langford Village Academy is a thriving village school that offers your child an excellent start to their education. Through our ethos of learning, values and achievement, we achieve good academic standards and our hardworking, dedicated staff are committed to ensuring each child achieves their full potential.  In early years we give children the essential foundation to start their learning journey.

Our Governors, their roles and responsibilities are listed below.

Governor Responsibilities




Mrs A Gilbert

Appointed Sept 14 for 4 years


Chairperson (Appointed Governor)


Mrs V Phillips

Appointed Sept 18

Safeguarding Children, Special Educational Needs and Gifted and Talented children

Pecuniary interest: Husband Director of Electrassure

Mrs J Davies 

Appointed Oct 15 for 4 years

Head Teacher Performance Management

Mrs A Gilbert

Parent view/community

Mrs S Bull and Mrs H Beckett

Appointed March 17 & Jan 17 for 4 years

School Council

Mrs J Thom

Appointed Sept 14 for 4 years

Safer recruitment/safeguarding Mrs J Davies
Whistle Blowing Governor Mrs A Gilbert
PV and Communications Mrs S Murphy Appointed Sept 16 for 4 years

Training Link Advisor

Mrs S Bull

Appointed March 17 for 4 years

Health and Safety

Mrs S Murphy

Appointed Sept 16 for 4 years

Religious Education

 Mrs H Beckett

Appointed Jan 17 for 4 years

Ex Officio

Mrs D Randall

Clerk to Governing Body

Mrs V Phillips

Governor List



Mrs Ann Gilbert


Mrs Vicky Phillips


Mrs Debbie Randall - Principal

Staff Governor

Mrs Helen Beckett

Staff Governor Mrs Susan Murphy
Parent Governor Mrs Thom
Parent Governor Mrs Sally Bull
Parent Governor Mrs Jillian Davies
Parent Governor Mrs Hayley Doody 
Parent Governor Mrs Jean Mainstone
Appointed Governor Mr Bob Vidler

Clerk to Governors

Mrs Vicky Phillips

BEST Representative Alison Wilshaw
BEST Representative Cheryl Johnson

All Governors may be contacted via the school office.

We are very grateful to our dedicated team of School Governors who work very hard in their support of the school.


The Trust Report & Financial Statement can be found here.