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Langford Village Academy

Extra Curricular

We have many clubs at Langford Village Academy, please take note of the additional information regarding any of the School Clubs that your child may attend. There will be more clubs coming soon including Lego and Boxing Saves Lives


  • French 12.30-1
  • Maths Magicians KS2 12.30-1
  • Dance 3.20-4.20
  • Football (when weather allows) 3.20-4.20


  • Drama 3.20-4.20


  • Tuck Shop - 10.30 – 10.45am – PTA

Additional Information 


It is expected that your child will commit to the club.

Parents are requested to inform the club organiser if their child wishes to leave the club before the end of term. This can be done by leaving a message with the office staff.


Parents are requested to inform the club organiser in advance if their child is unable to attend one of the sessions.

This can be done either by sending a note via the child to the club organiser or by phoning the staff in the school office who will then pass on the message.


Parents will be notified, in advance, of any sessions that need to be cancelled.

This will be placed on the school information board and by a note.

If a session needs to be cancelled on the day itself e.g. due to the unexpected illness of the club leader, the school will notify parents by phone

Should a session be cancelled at the last-minute e.g. due to adverse weather conditions, the club organiser will supervise the children until all children have followed the arrangements agreed with parents.