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Orca Class News

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  • 09/07/19


    WOW! Miss Collen is extremely proud of all of the year 4s that came to Grafham. They all got to try something new; whether that be their first time away from home, water sports, different food or working in a team.  At the beginning of our trip the children were set challenges from the Gr...
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  • 04/06/19

    It's the final half term!!

    Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely break. We're in the final half term of the year... where has it gone?! Soon it'll be time to say goodbye to the year 4's as they move up to middle school and our year 3's will be the top of the school!    This time of the year...
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  • 21/05/19

    Summer Term 1

    Wow! That's it; we're in our last week of the half term!  In Orca class we have achieved so much over this short half term. The children have carried out a continuous investigation to look at the different requirements for plants. As you can see from the picture, some plants have gro...
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  • 13/05/19

    Where has this half term gone?

    What a very busy few weeks it has been and what a very busy few weeks we have ahead of us!!    All of the children in Orca class have been working very hard in English, continuing their work with "The Lost Thing." We have moved onto writing our own versions of this story re...
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  • 30/04/19

    Summer Term!

    A very warm, and sunny welcome back after the Easter Holidays. We hope you all had a lovely rest over those two weeks - and the children are all ready and raring for the busy term ahead of them.    This term, our topic is Tudors. We were able to start this off with a WOW afternoon. T...
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  • 26/03/19

    WB 18.03.19

    All of the children are still working hard and making Miss Collen proud, everyday!  It was lovely to meet with the parents at parents evening on Tuesday. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.    The children in Orca Class have come to the end...
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  • 19/03/19

    WB 11.03.19

    We are now well into the first Spring Term and I think I speak for everyone when I say that these weeks just seem to be going far too quickly.  The children have all been working very hard in maths to master Statistics. They have been exploring pictograms, bar charts and tables. All of the c...
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  • 12/03/19

    WB 04/03/19

    Another fun-packed week in Orca Class!  We have been learning about different types of poetry in English and the children have started to plan their own "Kenning" about an animal. A Kenning is a type of list poem that The Anglo-Saxons enjoyed. It's almost like a word game...
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  • 05/03/19

    WB 25.02.19

    100% attendance! What an amazing achievement!! I am very proud of Orca Class for getting 100% attendance - everyone was here, everyday! All of the children were very happy in assembly to be collecting the certificate and owl this week! Keep it up Orca Class!!    Throughout this week...
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  • 19/02/19

    Wb 18.02.19

    A warm welcome back to everyone after the February half term! I hope everyone had a lovely week off.  Last half term, the children were very lucky to be taught football skills by Luton Town coaches. This will continue for one more lesson on Wednesday 27th of February.  In topic we ar...
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  • 05/02/19

    Wb: 04.02.19

    It's the final week of the first Spring half term! Where has the time gone?! I hope everyone got to enjoy some of the snow we had last week. I know some children were very excited to be going home on Friday to make snowmen!  Miss Collen was off poorly from Monday to Thursday last week...
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  • 22/01/19

    WB 21/01/19

    We had quite a calm week in Orca Class last week, nonetheless there was lots of learning happening.  In Maths we have started measuring and using units. This was started by a practical lesson using rulers and objects around the room. The children really enjoyed this and even measured Miss Co...
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